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Custom Diets & Workouts That Set You Up For Success!




Whether you are seasoned in the Gym or just starting out, 

The JRF app has the workouts + meal plans to compliment your level of fitness.

Feeling like you need a challenge? Ramp up the intensity.

Just starting out? Ease into your new fitness routine and enjoy free monthly updates to your program as you progress!

Our range of Meal plans means there are options for everyone – choose from (High protein, Vegetarian, Keto, or Easy prep + more). 

Don’t like the look of your meals one week? Easily swap these out for on demand new recipes.

We take note of all your diet preferences so we can build a custom meal and workout plan that you will actually enjoy and will give you the best chance at success.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer and nutritionist, 

OR you can get all of this + more in your pocket for a fraction of the price. 

No lock-in contracts. Cancel any time.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to turn your life around. Join JRF today.


Say goodbye to failed fitness attempts with my #1 body transformation program

Who will you be in 2023?

Join today and I’ll show you exactly how to sculpt your body to your dream physique in a matter of weeks.

People come to me for help to lose fat or gain muscle but with my help what they also unlock is a better life.

When your fitness is lacking, ALL areas of life are not living up to their full potential. Imagine waking up in the morning, full of energy and being proud of the person looking back at you in the mirror. Your perspective of the world changes when you add fitness into your routine.

I used to be a skinny, quiet kid, but once I transformed my physique it changed my entire life so profoundly that I decided I wanted that feeling for others. I have now helped over 169,000 people unleash their physical potential and I’m excited by the thought of helping you too.

Are you ready to get to work and start transforming your life for 2023?

Get started now, the real prize is your future self who I can’t wait to see.


Eliminating any of the guesswork - so you can dial in and focus


Every program, both diet and exercise, is personalized to YOU and updated as you progress. I have a large team to help me maintain this high level of individualized service.

No one else in the industry can offer such a customized service at the prices I do.

We will even exclude any foods you don’t like or are allergic to... This makes your plan easy to stick to so amazing results occur time after time.


I take the complex process of working out your calorie and macronutrient requirements, make it REALLY simple and fun to follow. Everything is delivered through the JRF App complete with recipes, shopping lists and instructional videos.

Plus you have a training system proven to build an incredible physique in record time. Exactly how to perform each exercise is explained so you look like a pro while you train. You can also be confident you are performing the exercises correctly even if you are training by yourself at home.

You will never have to wonder what you are having for dinner, what to shop for or what to train. You just trust in the process and get results.


You are not doing this alone. I am in our private Facebook groups daily and my team is available by email 7 days a week.

We have a community of thousands of members who support each other and all want you to succeed. Having a bad day? Post about it to our Facebook community and everyone will be there with encouragement.

Having a great day? Post about it so we can all celebrate with you!

Results 100% guaranteed.

We’re committed to getting results for you, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel coaching is a good fit, let us know within 30 days and we’ll provide a full refund for your first month (and require no additional payments).

If you invest in us, then we invest in your success.

Meet your Coach


Josef Rakich

I believe in the best version of YOU!

Do you feel you have more to offer the world?
You deserve the best version of you… and so do those you love. Life is simply denied full expression when you neglect your health.
But when you feel a sense of pride for the person looking back at you in the mirror… life’s challenges just shrink away. You enter the world with confidence and become magnetic.
Psychologists call it the ‘Halo Effect’.Those with a great physique are not onlymore attractive…research shows that theyearn more money. They are perceived as more likeable, more intelligent, kind and funny.
When you are fit, you are more likely to get promoted. Smart and successful people will want to date you. Interesting people will want to be your friend and more opportunities will open up.
It may sound silly, but a few years ago…I would make up excuses for why I couldn’t go out with friends. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and struggled in social situations.
It all started when a group of girls made fun of me at the pools because I was so skinny. They chanted “tooooothpiiiiick, toothpick, TOOTHPICK!!” and the nickname stuck with me for years through school…
My confidence was destroyed and I just wasn’t happy.
I knew I had more to offer the world and that I had to take responsibility for my situation or life was going to pass me by.
I wish I had had access to the JRF program you are about to start… It would have saved me so much struggle.
As my physique transformed, my confidence grew and everything else in life improved beyond measure.

I began to love going out with friends and people started asking ME for advice on fitness. I got into a great relationship with an amazing girl called Mimi (we are engaged to get married) and we are so excited for our future together.

Losing fat, gaining muscle, eating healthy… these shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. And that is why I developed the JRF program and that is my commitment to you.
To make reaching your fitness goals fun, simple and affordable.
I wish there was a way that I could introduce you NOW to your future self. One day soon they will thank you.
Results on the JRF program are guaranteed and they start when you do.
So I’ll see YOU on the inside. 
– Josef Rakich



Jansen Taiapa

“I have been following the JRF program for a few years now and every time I decide to commit to the diet I completely change the way I look for the best.

I've tried a couple of other programs along the way but none have been easier to follow than the JRF Program hence why I keep coming back! I always get results and that's an understatement."



“Absolutely love the level of customer service you get on this JRF Ultimate Transformation program, I was honestly so shocked! It has made the entire process so easy and made me feel like I was a part of a family"


Marius Bugge Gravseth

"If you really want it, you can get it! Everybody can get it! Making a change is so incredibly simple, but still so crazy difficult, but it’s only in your head. The first step is the worst, and I’m glad someone woke me up, but it’s only one’s own merit and only you should have a pat on the shoulder for effort and discipline that is put down in a change for life. Health out is now my passion! Took 27 years to figure that out."


April Rebel

"I have been thinking about my life’s differences between now and before #keto recently and it blows my mind how you can have such major life changes in really a small amount of time.

BUILD THE LIFE YOU WANT! You will get to the goals you want to, this isn’t a quick fix or a race, this is rebuilding how you live."


Brogan Graham
Before: 81kg / 178lb
After: 72kg / 158lb
Difference: 9kg / 20lb
Timeframe: 10 weeks


Arron O’Connor

Before 94kg / 207lb
After 76kg / 167lb
Difference:  18kg / 40lb

Natalie O’Boyle

Dardan Spahiu
Before: 111kg / 245lb
After: 85kg / 189lb
Difference: 26kg / 56lb

April Rabl
Before: 130kg / 287lb
After: 78kg / 172lb
Difference: 52kg / 115lb

Nyalee Jayne

How the JRF Ultimate Membership Works

Our team of experts makes the process as easy as possible!




First we work out your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) which tells us how many calories you require on a daily basis. This is based on factors including age, height, weight, gender, activity level and body fat percentage.

We collect all this information when you join up and use a unique formula that I believe to be the most accurate way of working out your requirements.

Once your TDEE is calculated, we then design a meal plan where your calories are in either a calorie deficit to lose fat or a calorie surplus to gain muscle.




The body is best at achieving one physique goal at a time; either losing body fat or gaining muscle.
The amount of your deficit or surplus will vary a lot but is usually within 200-500 calories of your TDEE. It comes down to your personal preference and your goals. However, I recommend that men focus on fat loss until they are down to about 12% body fat while for women it is between 18-24%.

These are realistic and achievable goals for everyone. Working out your body fat percentage is easy with a simple chart we provide.




Prefer less frequent larger meals? You can choose from 3-6 meals per day.

Choose to have your program designed for the gym or home (including body weight only training). Only have limited time to train? You can choose from 3-6 days and how long you have available for each session.

We design the program to fit YOUR schedule, YOUR lifestyle and will update it to suit you whenever life changes




Join our Private Facebook groups and introduce yourself. The community is eager to support and encourage you. By posting your goals in the community we can help hold you accountable.

There is ‘The Committed Squad’ for Men and ‘Level Up Ladies’ for the girls. Plus we have a mixed gender JRF Members ONLY group.

On Instagram you will find over 30,000 posts under #JRFresults and 15,000 under #JRFketo. There are so many inspiring people to learn from and connect with.




It takes us 1-2 days to complete your custom diet and workout program before we publish it to your JRF app.

The team is available 7 days a week to answer your questions and make changes as required. Then it is a matter of following the simple steps and trusting in the process.




Update your details and we will design your new 4-week program. Your calorie requirements constantly change so we need to adjust for that. Once you reach your fat loss or muscle gain goals we can adjust the focus to a new goal.

Everything is custom to you and that is why this works. Want to change diets? We'll design you a low carb, balanced or vegetarian plan so you can keep achieving amazing results.

Connecting with like-minded people

Join the community of 160,000+ and get leaner, stronger together!

You are not doing this alone. I am in our private Discord group daily and my team is available by email 7 days a week. We have a community of thousands of members who support each other and all want you to succeed.

Having a bad day? Post about it to our Discord group and everyone will be there with encouragement. Having a great day? Post about it so we can all celebrate with you!


  • Your Custom Meal Plan >> UPDATED MONTHLY (VALUE $147)
  • ​​Your Personalized Workout Program (Gym or Home) >> Updated Monthly (VALUE $147)
  • ​​​7 Day / Week Email Support From The JRF Coaching and Nutrition Team (VALUE $163)
  • Bodyweight Only Workouts + Fat Burning Cardio Routines >> Updated Monthly (VALUE $159)
  • ​​FREE Diet Changes – Switch to keto, low carb, vegetarian or balanced any time.
  • ​​Members Only Mobile App 


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

ANY Reason Guarantee - If you are not happy within the first 14 days after you sign up, you will receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Enjoy AMAZING results or you pay NOTHING.

Cancel Anytime - If you want to pause or cancel the membership at any time, you can do that by informing the support team and get paused/cancelled immediately, no questions asked.


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